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Corporate Image Libraries


by Dana Hursey Photography


Corporate Image Libraries™ provide a persistent bank of tailored images for identity and various media content and are used to enhance the companies brand and services as well as supporting other media rights management applications. Corporate Libraries provide brand-enhancing solutions for corporations and medium sized firms.


“Central to our success is becoming a trusted partner and supplier to the corporate clients we serve.”


The corporate image Library we build enables those clients to effectively identify, track, manage and protect their image content for use in a multitude of media applications; all of this with control and security. Effectively insuring against multiple image use across similar market sectors and industry competitors.



This strategy offers an innovative alternative to conventional stock and will undoubtedly provide more effective control over budgets and profitability.


• Offering Broad Range of Usage

• Available Across Company Wide Products & Services

• Brand-Wide Usage

• Defined Licensing offering Peace of Mind

• Exclusive & Proprietary Imagery



We work creatively and collaboratively to enhance the services and products offered by our clients, ensuring that the end customer relates succinctly to its services and methodology.


“Our photography enables trusted relationships between provider and customer through unique themes, where customers are encouraged by their own special position within the providers environment”

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